Coño, Never Lost in Translation


The T-shirt that explains coño to non-Cubans

Cuban Bread Shirt


The iconic bread T-Shirt.

Soft and chewy today, baseball bat tomorrow.

Cuban Cafecito Shirt - Colada Is Life


Cuban's little jolt of inspiration.

American Grown with Cuban Roots


The new generation of Cuban Americans proudly keeps its history and heritage alive.

Abuelo the Legend


"Yolo" sabia that Abuelo is stylish.

Guayabera T-Shirt

Now you seen it all! A Guayabera T-Shirt.

With this Guayabera T-shirt you will definitely standout at the next Caja China getty.

I'm Not Yelling I'm Cuban


One thing I am not, and that is quiet.

Raised in: Hialeah


Hialeah la ciudad que progresa.

The Difference a ~ Makes


Grammar does matter.

Cojelo Con Take It Easy


Next time your stopped at a red light, and the light turns, and the driver behinds honks at you a second after the light turned...its OK because you always teikirisi.

Abuelo, we Know


Abuelo always says it, so just get him the T-shirt for when he goes to El Parque de Domino.



Get your priorities straight.

Aqui hay Elementos


Que Elementos! Copper, Barium, and Nitrogen...who would have know that's what Cubans meant when they say "Aquí hay tremendo elementos."

Powered by Croquetas


The power of a croqueta is a force of nature that is untamable.

Noche Buena Sweater Look T-Shirt


Ugly sweater party, now you will be set with this Cuban Noche Buena T-shirt.

The Three Kings


Be ready for Los Reyes Magos this year and  watch your Americanito friends think Mechor, Gaspar, and Baltasar is the latest name brand.

Los Reyes Magos


Cubans all around the world celebrate Los Reyes Magos. Three Kings Day occurs on January 6th, twelve days after Christmas (that's the twelve days of Christmas-- NOT the twelve days until time you hear the song “Twelve Days of Christmas” realize they are counting down to Los Reyes Mago day just like any good Cuban).

Its the Meat Unites Us


When one things of any family and friend gathering the one constant thing is the Lechon. Show your love for the meat that unites us Cubans!

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