The Facebook Group, All Things Cuban

I left Cuba when I was a year old, my identity of what is to be Cuban and what Cuba is and was has been forged in in exile. In 2009 I created a group on Facebook called "All Things Cuban." The idea was to share with my friends and family posts that could help fill the thirst to understand our identity. 

The Facebook group and the name "All Things Cuban" has become an extension of Cuba and a symbol of our Cubanity (Cubanidad), a space where Cubans can feel as one.

I welcome you to join our group and our events, and above all, remember that Cuba lives in us, Cuba libre!

There is only one All Things Cuban

It is often said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. There is only one All Things Cuban group and we do not have sister groups or affiliated groups.

The group's reach

The group has over 30,000 members, over 1 million comments and reactions every 25 days, and a 96% membership engagement rate (Sept 2019). With stats like this, the group easily rivals any local news network program in reach and engagement.

We have become the digital Cuba

For many of us this group has become the "Cuban Forum,"  a kind of digital saguesera or digital Cuba. A place where we can reconnect to our identity and our people.

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Some Facts about the Group

Who is the Creator?

Alexander L Diaz, "Alex", created this group in 2009 as a way to share with others his passion and curiosity of Cubanity (Cubanidad).

Who Approves the Content?

Alex is the only administrator and he administers this group as a labor of love. The group is a closed membership group and each post requires his review. Through the years Alex has identified some members of the group that consistently create content that is in line with the vision of the group, and those members are pre-approved and do not require his review.

Our Mission

Throughout the years a clear collective member's driven mission has evolved.

The All Things Cuban Mission 

Help advance, educate, and bring awareness of Cuban culture, identity, and history through the dissemination of information, and the promotion of events, products, and services of others that fosters a Cuban identity.

Additionally, we also help foster a sense of Cuban identity and community by arranging and conducting our own cultural events that highlight Cuban heritage, history, entertainment, and food.

Methodology Used to Approve Posts

There are no set rules that Alex goes by to determine which post to approve. However, these are the guidelines: 

  • post must be in line with the mission
  • Content that unites us
  • posts that have a very well written narrative that ties to the theme of the group
  • no forwards from other groups or from your personal wall

As the administrator of the group Alex is in essence an Art Curator of a digital Cuban museum or an Editor of a digital Cuban magazine. His role is to make the hard choices of the type of content that makes it through.  Unfortunately, not all content can be approved, and unfortunately it would be nearly impossible for Alex to provide one-on-one feedback. It is highly recommended that members who are interested in posting content observe the quality and type of content that is published within the group, as this should serve as the best guide for what could be approved.

Code of Conduct

We do not all have to agree, but we will all agree that we are all Cubans. 

Respect for one another is expected.

Jose Marti-

I cultivate a white rose 

In July as in January 

For the sincere friend 

Who gives me his hand frankly. 

And for the cruel person who tears out 

The heart with which I live,
I cultivate neither nettles nor thorns: 

I cultivate a white rose.

If you feel that a member is not conducting themselves in a respectful way, we ask that you flag the comment for review.

How to participate?

Join the group and enjoy by commenting, reacting to posts, and even submitting your own post. We are always interested in posts that are interesting, historical, cultural, educational, inspirational, nostalgic, and above all...unites us all under our Cuban hermandad!

In this group we focus on those things that unite us and not divide us

 Over 10 years ago I started All Things Cuban to share with friends and family my personal journey of discovery of what it meant to be Cuban. For close to 8 years I was the only one posting onto this group, and the group was no more than 30 members. Two years ago the group started to grow overnight, now the group that was meant for family and personal friends has grown to encompass 50,000 new family and friends. This group has nourished my thirst for knowledge and has reinforced my passion and love for our hermandad Cubana. To the new members In this group, I hope that you enjoy your time here and that you can play an active role in keeping Cuba alive. I would also like to state that In this group we respect ourselves, our culture, and our fellow brothers and sisters and we do not insult or disrespect any of those things. We do not all have to agree, but we will all agree that we are all Cubans. Respect for one another is expected. If you feel that a member is not conducting themselves in a respectful way, I ask that you flag the comment for review. In this group we do not speak about USA politics or argue about Republicans vs. Democrats. In this group we focus on those things that unite us and not divide us. 

Posted on 1-26-2020;