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All Things Cuban has over 30,000 members and with a 96% engagement factor (Sept 2019), they are definitely considered a highly engaged group of folks looking to meet each other.

In fact, take a look below at the several posts from members asking for venues to connect. 

All Things Cuban is looking for opportunities for its members to connect. We want to hear from you If you are:

  • a museum,
  • an institutions of higher education looking to invite our members to lectures, educational programs, etc.,
  • an artist or art studio,
  • business that can serve as a venue,
  • an experienced event organizer, 
  • an experienced festival organizer.

Event proposals should be in line with our mission.

The All Things Cuban Mission 

Help advance, educate, and bring awareness of Cuban culture, identity, and history through the dissemination of information, and the promotion of events, products, and services of others that fosters a Cuban identity.

Additionally, we also help foster a sense of Cuban identity and community by arranging and conducting our own cultural events that highlight Cuban heritage, history, entertainment, and food.

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